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Welcome to Marky G's Investments, LLC. I specialize in restorations of automobiles, transport of investments, and sales and parts for automobiles.

I am also an Ebay broker and can sell one item or an entire estate. For only the cost of listing fees plus 15% of the selling price, I answer all questions and do all the legwork for you. No hassles for you.

Hours: 9am-4pm Monday through Friday

9am to 12pm Saturdays

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NH Dealer License X207

I also hold a NH Auto Dealer License. I will purchase autos to order. I charge $200 over cost for this service. I Belong to IAAI Auction Salvage autos and Auto Auction of NH Dealer auction Dealer Trade ins Repos and Lease returns.

I offer Preinspection of any auto before you purchase. I will travel to where the auto is . I will take Digital pictures and send to you with complete inspection report. I will wait for your reply . If you purchase, I will transport directly to you NO waiting. Fee varies on location
No more Gussing if you are purchasing what you are seeing on the Internet. Dont make a costly purchase by mistake. I take ALL the guessing out of your purchase.

Marky G's Investments

Northfield, NH





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